Yuh Chern is composed of two manufacturing centers. The parent plant is located in Taichung, covering an area of approximately 2,030 square meters, and the second plant is located in Nantou Industrial Zone, covering an area of 2,640 square meters. Factory area planning: Forging, Robotic Arm Welding, CNC Machining, Pressing, Forming, Riveting, Assembly, Sand Blasting and Warehousing. 

We use many state-of-the-art and well-known brands of manufacturing equipment such as Jing Duann High-Speed Precision Hot Forging Press, Russian-imported Knuckle Joint Forging Press, Jing Feng and Seyi Stamping Press, Quaser 5-Axis CNC machine, and Extron 3-Axis (with the fourth axis) CNC machines.

The core manufacturing capabilities include hot and cold forging, stamping, CNC machining, precision casting, and robotic arm welding. We work with a variety of materials requested by customers.Including iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy and other comprehensive materials can be utilized.

To improve production efficiency and delivery rate, we use a variety of auxiliary software systems such as APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling System) ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning System) and SFT (Shop Floor Tracking System).


Hot Forging Section


Raw Material & Hot Forging Section

CNC Machining
Aluminum Hot Forging Section
Mold Repair Section
Annealing Furnace
CNC Machining
Sand Blasting & Anti-Rust Oil Dip Device
Electric Heater & Infrared Thermometer

Reliable Brand
Combining multiple processes of capabilities, various material applications and perfect engineering software usage, the maximum value of comprehensive synergy is brought to meet the different customers of need, and it has also become a strong supply chain supporting for customers.