HANXI MAZU Pilgrimage

HANXI MAZU Pilgrimage

HANXI MAZU Pilgrimage

The origin of Hanxi Mazu Pilgrimage Eighteen Villages has a long history. This year is entering its 200th anniversary. Every year on March 1st of the lunar calendar, we will pray for Hanxi Mazu Pilgrimage Eighteen Villages. Starting detour period on April 12th, driving around Eighteen Villages for 22 days. Fortunately, the route planning for this year's detour has come to the company as a guest and serve as a stopping point for rest during Mazu's detour. People along the way worshiped religiously and watched the traditional performing arts of dragon and lion dance, firecrackers, fireworks, and drums, bringing good luck to everyone and being blessed by the gods. It is a great honor for the company to invite the sedan chair to take a rest. It is rare in a century that the company worshiped the gods of Mazu devoutly, praying in their hearts for their wishes, and a dream come true!

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